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Drawing assistant

Drawing assistant is a simple android application. This helps to improve your drawing skills to next level. Practice the given exercises from this app every time you start your actual drawing or painting.

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Safinger - prevent door accidents

Doors with hinges have a serious problem (this could be a universal problem). While closing the door the chances are you crush your fingers if your fingers are at the edge. I found this is a serious design gap and must be solved with suitable design solution. Most of the times accident happens with kids and as a parent its a horrifying experience to see your kid in extreme pain.

Design problem

Design problem - Door gap where the chances of finger crush are more

Design solution

Simple design solution - Safinger, product prototype to prevent accidental finger crush

The images shows how the "Safinger" behaves when door opens and closes. While door in open state, it prevents the fingers to go in and thus accidents. While in closed state, the it folds out parallel to door plane.

I need to find out an easy way to install / uninstall this product on doors. There are few options to try out such as install the door with screws or vacuum caps (as shown) or with sticky material (will be tricky to uninstall it).

Ideation and design process

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Eurydice, Charcoal Drawing, 2016


Theo, Charcoal Drawing, 2018

Amerindian Family

Amerindian Family, Charcoal Drawing, 2017

Alexandra sculpture drawing

Alexandra sculpture, Charcoal Drawing, 2013


Theo's Portrait, Charcoal Drawing, 2018

Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai, Charcoal Drawing, 1996

JRD Tata

JRD Tata, Charcoal Drawing, 2014

Female Sculpture

Female Sculpture, charcoal drawing, 2016

A fish

A fish, Charcoal Drawing, 2014

Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai, Charcoal Drawing, 1998

San benedetto sculpture drawing

San benedetto sculpture, Charcoal Drawing, 2013


Wait..., Charcoal Drawing, 1995

A smiling girl

A smiling girl, Charcoal Drawing, 1997


Self Portrait, Charcoal Drawing 2015



Vidhi, Pastels, 2016


Tamarind, Oil Painting, 2016

Self Portrait

Self Portrait, Oil Painting, 2017

An ant

An ant, Watercolor, 2013

3D modeling & texturing

Low poly car modeling

Low poly car modeling

Low poly car modeling

Low poly car modeling

Aiwa walkman modeling & texturing

Aiwa walkman modeling & texturing

Steel HDRI rendering

Steel HDRI rendering

Low poly car modeling

Low poly car modeling

Low poly car modeling

Low poly car modeling

Low poly car modeling

Low poly car modeling

Shoe modeling & texturing

Shoe modeling & texturing

Sprint mobile modeling & texturing

Sprint mobile modeling & texturing






About Pradip Khekare

Pradip Khekare

Pradip is working with Tata Consultancy Services as Senior User Experience (UX) Architect. He is a certified Usability Analyst (CUA) from Human Factors International (HFI). He has over 20 years of design experience with diverse skill sets which includes User Experience, Web & User Interface Design, 3D Modeling & Texturing. He has executed number of UX projects in various domains successfully in India, UK, Canada, US and Abu Dhabi.

He is a self taught artist, works primarily in charcoal. He studied under well-known Marathi Film actor and an artist Chandrakant Mandare.

March 05, 1975

Bachelor of Chemical Engineer

2014 - Best Portrait Award, TCS

Group shows:
2017 - Spring Art Show, Norwich, UK
2016 - Spring Art Show, Norwich, UK
1994 - Anti addiction campaign show, Maharashtra, India

Private collection: Norwich, UK
Private collections: Regina, Canada
Private collections: India